Sunday, February 08, 2009

Bushfires and a child's life

It's amazing. Today we have bushfires through so much of our State of Victoria. We tried to get some news before we went to bed last night and there was none. During the night I was up gathering toys off the deck and putting them undercover because we had (as it turned out a small amount of) rain. Then I got out of bed this morning and looked out the window to find our front deck with lots and lots of burnt leaves etc on it. That scared me.
I turned on the TV to find that Kinglake was all but gone. Kinglake is so beautiful and so 'country' considering it's so close to Melbourne. Kinglake is where I surprised Gra for his 40th birthday.
I cried - anguished cries for the loss of life and property.
Then my Mum called and said that Marysville was gone too. I couldn't believe it - I was in total shock. I didn't even believe Mum at first - then, as we were talking (and I changed channel's) I saw the report on Marysville. More tears. We had stayed in Marysville before too - actually it was the same weekend that we celebrated Gra's birthday in Kinglake. It was hard to describe the feelings I had inside. I was silently devastated. I found it hard to come to terms with all day. How does this happen so quickly - so suddenly.
My little girl, however, was oblivious - totally. For her, life went on.
I cleaned out part of our house as we're setting up a B&B here - it was good timing because I was able to be far more ruthless simply because I was seeing people who had lost family and homes - nothing seemed that important.
Anyway - I found a small shopping trolley and it brought Eb so much joy. Simple things on a far from simple day.

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Chelley said...

the bushfires have been so bad and my heart is just so broken for so many,,,,