Thursday, August 20, 2009

4th birthday fun...peacocks no fun!

Today has been an amazing day. Amazing mostly because of the changes I see in my little girl in comparison to last year. I can't get over how well she is communicating now that she can use her words better. She was quite 'shy' when we first went in to her room this morning and she didn't remember it was her birthday! When I finally said to her 'why is today really special'? she kinda twigged and with some prompting said 'my birthday'! I said what do you get on birthdays - expecting 'presents' but she said 'lollies'!!!!! Typical!

Being a bit coy when we went in!

Talking to Nana (my mum) before presents are even open!

Our present to Eb...

We didn't get home from Melbourne until 12.15 AM this morning - so I was glad she didn't wake until about 7.45 and as a result I decided she needed a sleep. We had an 'incident'. I was cooking and Eb was on the bar stool watching me when I saw a Peacock from next door outside our door on the deck...

I was amazed but my amazement made Eb look around and she just totally freaked! She launched out of her chair and ended up hysterical on the floor. I picked her up and soothed her and then headed out to check out the Peacock. It got itself in a position where there was no way out so I had to 'help' it. Eb was still really concerned and in floods of tears but at least I was able to get the (usually welcome) Peacock to fly down of the deck. Here's how Eb felt about it!

I was then very easily able to put her down at about 11.30 while I cooked and iced cupcakes and she slept all the way until about 2 - it was great because it put her in a much better place for her 'party'. (here's my Angel sleeping our bed! with her snugly and her 'Somersault' baby!).

Because we're having a party at an indoor play centre in Albury on Saturday I didn't want to do too much today, so we invited Tanya and 5 month old Austin and Tanya with 2yo Stella (who Eb gets on very well with) and little Eve who is only 4 weeks old. My special friend Christine also came along. The party started at 3pm and it was all action stations for Eb and Stella - they were desperate to get into the cake, but I needed to wait for Daddy to get home! Eb opened presents (and immediately wanted to share them!) which was so sweet. Finally Daddy arrived home and the girls were into it. It is such joy for me to watch Eb enjoy her special day. We had a ball.

A pair of beautiful bathers from Tanya, Ben and Austin

A guitar from Stella (and Tanya, Gav and Eve) and a gorgeous apron and spade from Christine, Alistair, Hayden, Jordy and Lachy....

Cake #1

Blowing out the candles...

Doctor's set from Aunty Di, Uncle Lyndon, Jess, Chris and Renee...

making sure the Dr's set works!!!

Guitar in action...

Gotta love those bathers! fashion parade :-)

We had guests arrive for the B&B just as it all ended (which was kinda lucky really) and then it was a quiet night....with a few more pressies before a shared cupcake..and bed!
Eb was so blessed with beautiful pressies. Because we got home in the early hours of the morning we weren't able to check the PO box and therefore there weren't many pressies in the morning - but she didn't care at all. She would have been happy with what she had then! (not sure it will be the same next year!!!!).
We gave her a battery operated car which she experienced in Sydney when we stayed with our friend Daniel, Vicki and little Stephanie Ming. Eb loved it and I was lucky enough to pick one up at the Target toy sale.

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Chelley said...

Sweet Eb have a fantastic DAY!!!!!!!!!

YOu are so very blessed!!!