Thursday, August 20, 2009

Four years old today

and what do I love about you?....
I love.....
the whole 102 cm's of you
the whole 15.8kg's of you
the fact that your first words in the morning are 'mummy'.... or 'my mummy'
the way you hug me with both arms first thing in the morning when I go into you
how you still don't get out of bed without me getting you out
the many precious, childlike questions you ask
your gorgeous, deep brown eyes
the beautiful raven black hair that frames the beautiful face I've come to know and love
your appetite to learn...and to eat
the way you bring me 'flowers'...even if they are weeds at time - I don't care, it's the thought
the way you fall asleep...still so much the same as 2 years 8 months ago - only without the grief still 'purse' your lips and do the sweet suckling motion you did way back then
if you're sleeping in the car, you hair falls over your beautiful face and you toss from side to side and inevitably you wake disturbed

your gorgeous round face
your near perfect teeth
your chubby little fingers
the feel of your breath on my cheek
your teardrops on my fingers as I wipe them away
your amazing and beautiful inner beauty
your smile - that one that lights up even the dullest days
the fact that there are very few dull days these days
the companionship I have with you
the feeling when you wrap your tiny little fingers around mine
your anticipation leading up to your birthday
how much you love cooking with me....and eating the cooking!
how much you anticipate mealtimes...and then can't decide what you want!
how you line up the breakfast options...and milk/yoghurt if I'm in the shower
how you still don't want to be away from me on kinder mornings
how your are starting to want to dress a certain way or in a certain colour...or shoes!
how you love being active and can easily walk/ride a lap of the lake...with the playground thrown in

how you call the playground...'playgroup'
how you tell me 'I love you' without prompting now
how you say 'thank you for my...dinner/play/walk....or quiet time!'
how you love to watch 'Mama Mia' and 'The Sound of Music'
the way you play 'rumble in the jungle' with your Daddy
the way you are starting to 'reason' with me
the way you are starting to show real signs of fear and being scared (of 'things'...the dark)
the way you can now show me when your feeling have been hurt
your 'coy' look that appears so often
the funny laugh you have at the moment that I can't possibly put into words!
your enthusiasm for life
the way you sing your way through a day...something even people comment on when we're out shopping - they can't believe how happy and sweet you are singing your heart out in the trolley

So - so many ways - and I know there are more.

My little girl has now really appeared...nothing to show of my baby and little of my toddler - now a beautiful, happy, spirited and loving little girl.
As a mummy - what more could I ever, ever ask for?
Enjoy your day sweet child - I love you more than even these words could really express.


Chelley said...

Happy Birthday Sweet lil lady!!!

time is flying way too fast!

Cristina said...

Happy birthday sweet Ebony!! Alice and I are SO looking forward to our big holiday with you at the end of next month. Hugs, Cristina xxxx

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Happy, happy birthday Miss Ebs... I hope that your 4th birthday was super special... just never forget how much your mum and dad love you...
Special hugs all the way from America...

Anonymous said...

precious precious little have filled your mama's heart with more joy and fulfilment than anything else ever could have....and it brings joy to my heart to see my dear friend Jen brimming over with such deep happiness.....what a God we have! only HE could come up with a plan like that.
celebrating with you,
love helena. x