Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Strange times....

I'm just having some of the most wonderful moments with my little girl.
There have been some interesting times too!
We've had an 'on the spot' vomit without any warning and lots of fun straight after!
We've had a wet bed for the first time...well wet PJ's but not bed luckily.
We've had a horror blood nose first thing in the morning without warning (and of course the morning after I completely changed the bed!).
Things have been a bit wierd actually - strange nights. Eb is definately starting to move out of day sleeps ever day - but she's not quite ready to! If she had a day sleep it ends up being a long one 2+ hours and then she's still awake at 10pm in her bed (even if she's gone down at 8pm). Then she doesn't wake until 8am+. I'm just not sure quite what to do!
She is having waking times during the night too. One night (because it was SO cold) I brought her in with us and she was awake for about 2.5 hours! sometime she was playing with my face - sometimes just restless - but I don't think she slept much and I didn't either! Then the next night she, of course, wanted to come in with us again - I just couldn't do it - even though my heart wants to. She's missed out on so much love in the first 16 months of her life - but I know if I do it will start to form a pattern. Bad patterns form so quickly! So I ended up getting up to her a few times and then sleeping with her for 1.5hours (woke up with a very sore hip!) and snuck back to my own bed. Thankfully we both slept until nearly 9am!

It's been very wierd - but we've had fun times as well! She's loving watching 'Mama Mia' and 'The Sound of Music' incredibly - I'm thrilled although I don't think Mama Mia will be quite suitable for her in another year or so!

She's well and truly understanding the difference between 'you' and 'me' now. She's also speaking so much better. It's all coming in a rush...which includes her height! She's appearing to really shoot up - or she's slimming down. It's been so wet here, I'm kinda surprised. We just can't get out much. A bit like the winters of old for us really. Snow's good, but not down very low. Days are not that cold...but very, very wet! Can't complain...we need the rain.

What else??? I think I'll leave the rest until her 4th birthday update....not long away now :)

Here are just some photo's taken recently.

A fun outing for mummy and Eb to Yackandandah....

Some beautiful signs of spring.....don't you love the closed eyes!

That don't meet Eb's approval!!!

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