Friday, August 14, 2009

A funny moment....

We went into Albury to look for a new bed for the B&B.
One of the places we visited was Harvey Norman and Eb remembered that they had balloons the last time we were there. Well - they had them again, but this time we had to kinda walk out of there with one that we weren't offered...the things you do for children! I'm sure they wouldn't mind!....and I would have asked except that everyone was busy and I couldn't get anyone's attention!
...anyway - we had a few places to visit and the balloon was a 'gas' balloon, so if Eb let go it would be gone - so we decided to put it in the car.
Well - we went and did more shopping and then headed back to the car to deposit our purchases. Eb was busy try to get herself in the car when we heard this 'oh no'.... in a very, very distressed voice. We both thought she had hurt herself and went running around to where she was to try and find out what was wrong. It took a few seconds before she finally told us - through her sobs - that her balloon was gone! It must have gone out her door when she opened it. She was heartbroken in a way I've never heard before. Another move toward realization and a kind of sad way.

What has been so funny is that I told her it had gone up to heaven and that Jesus would look after it for her- well! you have no idea how often she has asked if her balloon is safe with Jesus! Out of the blue she will ask - it's so sweet!

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Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha - well I have heard it all now. I have known many children ask if their pets are in heaven with Jesus BUT balloons ....
Well,if the streets are going to be paved with gold, i dont see why there wont be any balloons or streamers for the children to enjoy as well. Priceless
Christine xoxox