Thursday, August 27, 2009

More funny moments

We've had some really funny things happen - this morning was the one that really cracked me up!
Eb, Graham and I are mucking around at wake up time and somehow something came up (between Eb and Daddy) about 'lady'. Daddy decided to explain to Eb that Mummy is a lady and yep! she said it .... that's not a lady...that's my mummy! I couldn't believe she said it...but she did!

Eb also hates being restricted in any way (never used to be a problem) so as soon as she gets in her car seat she starts....'too squishy'. Well yesterday, when we were on our way to Wangaratta for her to see the dentist we hear this voice from the back say 'I'm uncomfortable Mummy'! Can you believe. Something happened when Eb turned 4 - all of a sudden words of all kinds are coming!

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