Thursday, March 11, 2010

Church in Phnom Phen, horror bus trip, bad internet and beautiful Siem Reap

Gosh what a week it has been!
We went to Church with Paul, Katrina and the children - it was a great experience for us. The people are lovely. It was a family service which was a bit of a treat...except it was a bit hard on the children because of how long it went for and little to do in the heat of the room. It was still an oasis experience though. The kids had fun together after while we connected with people. One single lady who has adopted twins (boy and girl) from Cambodia just before Christmas. They are about 17 months now. Hope to chat more with her next Sunday.
When Church was finished we went out to a dumpling place for lunch - it was delicious food, but the hygiene was terrible. I think that is where the fun started! During the night I woke to the sound of Eb being sick. This has never happened before. I naturally jumped out of bed - but after the big clean up she still was not feeling great and ended up in with us and we all had a bit of a restless night - and I did not feel brilliant myself. Anyway, our tickets were paid for and our accommodation was booked so off we went to the bus.
The bus itself was fine and luckily we had front row seats (upstairs). Eb was not feeling great at all and she had her first vomit into a plastic bag (thankfully). She then fell asleep for about 45 minutes and basically woke to very bad vomit....all over the bus, me and her. Not pretty when you still have about 4 hours to go - no change of clothes and (thank goodness) a packet of wipes! I did all I could to clean up and it actually worked out ok but sadly snugly coped it pretty bad so there was no way I could give it back to Eb and in her state that did not help! She was very fragile for the rest of the trip. Thankfully, when we stopped for a break at about 11.30am (we left at 8.30am) I was able to wash snugly and she was happy to have it wet!
We were so glad to arrive and get to our hotel. That was another story when we booked in to our room to find that they had given us 2 single beds! We had to change rooms and ended up with the honeymoon suite! A lovely blessing I must say. Room has been very comfortable and a lovely haven because we all ended up unwell - although (sorry for the detail) but it was no longer vomiting! Bali belly visited Siem Reap! We stayed in most of the day on Tuesday and Eb and I slept on and off. Thankfully Wednesday we felt well enough to head off to the temples (Angor Wat, Angor Thom and Ta Prom) at 7.30am (before it gets too hot). They were amazing and I have lots of photos to share when I can. Internet is disastrous and I really hope all this typing is not for nothing! Last night we took a Tuk Tuk to catch a boat out to a floating village - another amazing adventure that the photos will explain better when I can. Eb hit the wall on the way back and fell asleep within moments of her head touching the pillow. She is certainly not herself yet.
Meals have been a bit of a cautious event needless to say! Most have been lovely - and incredibly cheap. Siem Reap is an amazing place and we have really enjoyed our time. Today we went to the Museum but I am feeling terribly flat so we went and had a light lunch (met a lovely couple from Canada) and now we are going to have a nap before we go out and enjoy our last night here. Looking forward to getting back to Phnom Phen!

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