Sunday, March 07, 2010

Sobering times

I'm finding myself trying to reconcile all that I'm seeing here.
I feel so deeply for the people and all they have to live with here.
I am in awe of Paul, Katrina and the children and all they have had to go through to get to where you are today. I don't think anyone could really grasp what it's taken. To arrive here, no know anyone, try to work out where to buy food, where to live...the list goes on.
They have done exceptionally and I feel honoured to observe their lives. They are not uncomfortable in a sense - but it depends really on what you feel is comfortable.
It's 8.30 Sunday morning and we have karaoke blaring on two sides! It's the locals 'day off'' and that's how they choose to spend it. Not much fun for those who want some peace on their day off ! :) .....still, there's little complaint from this household.

The children are remarkable and their resilience has to be seen to be believed. They are coping so well.

Where The Gliddons are living couldn't be much more removed from where they have come from. I look out any window and I think of the views I have at home - I don't pine for them, but they are just poles apart.

The windows here have grates on all of them. The yard the children play in is concrete - you look out at gates, some with barbwire on the top. It's so hot it's hard to think. You need to shower a couple of times a day. Whenever you go out you just have to cope with the heat and not give in to it. It's oppressive heat. It's heat we couldn't even start to understand from our little valley at home.

Life is incredibly hectic. Katrina has so much to do. She is constantly dealing with phone calls, texts, emails. Her mind is consumed with all she has to do. Paul goes about doing as much of life as he can whilst being a support and sounding board to Katrina.

They have relaxed quite well while we've been here - but I get that feeling that's it a bit like the analogy of a duck that looks so calm on the water, but the feel are going hell for leather under the water.

I can't really put into words and help others understand the sheer difficulty of living each day for them. They do have a helper and she is such a blessing - they also have a lovely network of friends now - many of whom are Christians too. They now know the places to go to seek refuge - the coffee shops and eating places. I'm so glad they have these in their lives....but I am also acutely aware of the struggles.

Well - that's it in a nutshell for the moment. Now I'll do a post about the Orphanage visit.

Photo's are just too hard to upload so I think I'll wait and try when we go to Siem Reap tomorrow ..... or possibly when I return.

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McNicol Family said...

Jen, you really do have a gift in being able to describe things in such incredible colour and detail. Reading about something and experiencing it are totally different, but thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to see a glimpse of Paul, Kat & the childrens new 'world'.

Love You x