Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Well, it's now after 10pm and I should be in bed. But I need to put some thoughts down.

What an amazing adventure...we have both decided it wasn't a relaxing a holiday - rather an adventure. We are more happy than we can say to be home - but, as seems to be the case often lately, I feel very 'confused' about my feelings. I can't describe the feeling of turning onto the Great Alpine Rd toward home. We landed on Australian soil at 12.20am today, and after clearing Customs we were out of the Airport at 1am but it took almost 1/2 an hour for the Long Term Car park but to come so we really didn't get in the car until about 1.40am. I hadn't slept a wink - Graham had had a few 'naps'. We both felt 'ok' but age gives some wisdom and we decided to stay at a Hotel (formula one at Falkner). Not a nice place at all - but who cares. We turned out the lights at 2.06am and I was still awake at 2.55am. The next I knew it was 3.25am - I couldn't believe I'd woken so soon! I was exhausted! Any way I did fall back to sleep and didn't wake until after 8am. We didn't get up until about 9am and then we did a slow trip home.
Seeing our valley so green was like this breath of beautiful fresh air over my soul.
Asia is wonderful and has so much to offer - but nothing comes close to our home. I said to Graham "how different could it possibly be...unless you lived in Austria!". The greenness - the fresh air - the beautiful water from the tap at home. We live POLES apart from the lives Paul, Katrina and the children live. Do I feel guilty? that's not the word. It's not about comparisons. They are exactly where God has called them to be. I'm more than willing to be there too - but God needs to call us BOTH. Not just me.....and in saying that I don't' for one moment undermine the reality of their world. Many have come and said they simply could never do what the Gliddon family are doing - and I can see that - but if I'm called, I could. I would miss this life more than words could ever express - but I could.

The people of Cambodia are amazing in their resilience as I have mentioned. I have heard people say how 'beautiful' they are. But did I get to know any of them that well?.........no. I wish I had. I have a (maybe immature) view that all people are beautiful. It just depends on the journey their life takes as to what they are able to express or outwork. The only Cambodian I really got to experience was Sari - Paul and Katrina's helper....and we couldn't 'talk' because we didn't understand each other's language - but she was lovely. Humble, giving and very appreciative of the life that she was living...as difficult as it was. I think that an Asian visiting Australia would think that we are 'beautiful people' because most 'tourists' see the people in hospitality....those who are trained to deal with all types of people.

Yes - they (Cambodians) are beautiful people to look at - and I have absolutely no doubt at all that they are beautiful inside too - I just didn't get a good chance to find out.

I am so grateful for the opportunity we had to visit - I have much more to write and so many photo's to share.

I pine for Cambodia and would give anything to go back and help Paul and Katrina, but that is for another time. For now - sleep calls....and so does the reality of the life I live here.

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Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Oh it would have been an awesome experience to go to those places... maybe one day I will get there... one day... I know what you mean about being in another country and getting to know the people for what they really are... not just the fact that you are a 'tourist'... well, we will be off on Thursday and so take care...