Sunday, March 07, 2010

The orphanage

We (Katrina, Autumn, Ebony and I) went to The Missionary's of Charity Orphanage today.

My life will not be the same. I don't think I'll ever forget those little faces looking up at me....not to mention the little arms outstretched desparate to be held....even if for just a moment.
To make it even more strange is to look at my darling little girl and know that this was her beginnings too. I kept trying to come to terms with it all and found it really, really hard to reconcile.
To look at Ebony today - she is now worlds apart from these children....yet it wasn't always that way. In some ways Eb's Orphanage was worse than many more children and I'm relieved that these children at least have mattresses in their cots.

The children look understandably disheveled and they have sores on them, runny noses and sickness. Some are malnourished and some are disabled. All of them are just beautiful children who know no different at this stage in their lives.

I was able to feed a darling little 2yo boy who is terribly malnourished and looks, in size, like a 7-8 month old. Eb came up while I was feeding him and she ended up taking over feeding (with my help). Once again I was caught in the 'warp' of where she came from vs. where she is.....and where he is and where he will end up. He actually has family, but they are so poor they can't feed him and he ends up back in the Orphanage for periods to get some sort of nutrition back into him.

I held many of the children - some of whom are ready for adoption. There are 12 boys and 7 girls in at the moment....still way too many. There should be none. There are people with empty arms and hearts all over the world that would gladly take these children in in a heartbeat. I would. But it's just not allowed and I'm glad I had prepared myself before I left Australia.

We donated some money, along with another family, and we were able to purchase 10 cans of milk powder and some oil.
I was humbled by the love of God when we got there and found that they had literally JUST run out of formula that morning. Timing could only be God's.

There is so much that I could do to help - but God will have to work on that one. My heart is more than willing.

I wasn't allowed to take photos - understandably. Doesn't matter for me - the images are forever etched in my mind.


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Oh my... I would find it SO hard to not get all those babies and pick them up and hug them... and you are right... there are so many families who are willing to take them into their homes/hearts/families... I understand that the government etc have to go through the channels to make sure the children are safe but still... hugs to ya and all the babies... glad to see Ebs wanting to feed the babies... maybe she remembers something that no one knows about... hugs...

Kitta said...

Vow - this must have been some experience Jen -
Yes - it´s hard to imagine our girls once being in places like this. I never forget it and I´m forever grateful that ElĂ­sabet is with us now and not there.
Love - Kitta :)

Sandie said...

It just doesnt make sense does it? Governments, law makers, red tape! Its not protecting anyone. Just stopping these beautiful children going to amazing loving homes they deserve. I have space in my heart!