Friday, March 26, 2010

Last few days in KL before home

Because we changed one of our night's booking at the Novotel in KL to another Hotel - the Novotel were really kind and let the money we had paid for that one night go as credit. I couldn't believe it and let them know how grateful we were.

Because we didn't have much we really wanted to do - we decided to enjoy a few meals 'in' rather than out. Something we rarely do. So - here's our little girl enjoying 'room service!'

Then it was some final pool fun for Mummy and Ebby!

Then it was our very last morning - down for some yummy breakfast...

....and a fun ride to the airport

and, of course, a yummy treat at the airport while we waited (only because there were no healthy choices!)

and then some photo's taken from the plane....

The end of an amazing adventure. We have had a wonderful time - little rest - but it's been worth it to spend time with our dear friends. I truly hope and pray that we can visit again - and be more help next time. The first time I think has been just seeing what's happening - next time will be different!

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