Friday, June 26, 2009

Camden, NSW

We got on the road fairly early today. We stopped at Swansea at the RSL for lunch and then went and checked out the home that my Dad and Mum built and one we visited on a number of wonderful occasions. It took a bit of finding – but we did! Then we headed off again and made it to South of Sydney. We stayed at a really lovely Hotel/Motel – very nice and comfortable. We had pizza for dinner and then a wonderful early night! More travelling than anything today - so not many photo's. I'm getting just a tad over the travelling actually. Home is starting to look VERY good!

Just hanging about in the motel at Forster

Then out and about in Camden

Then....first ever pizza (they cost about $25 in Mt Beauty!)

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Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Ahhh Swansea RSL... know it well enough... I have been there before... love reading your travels throughout NSW... Forster... another place I loved...