Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sea World

Then it was Tuesday morning already and we made the decision (since the rain was gone and it was a beautiful blue sky day) to go to Seaworld. I’m so glad we did. We all had a total blast. It is very expensive to get in, but it was well worth it. Although Eb liked the animals a lot – she absolutely LOVED the rides! That section of the park is absolutely geared towards her age group (and mine!). I got to go on every ride with her (except one) because she’s still below 105cm and not allowed to go on her own (what a shame I say!). So I was able to relive my childhood! Daddy stayed with his feet firmly planted on the ground and took photo’s (until the battery ran flat) It was a great day and the skies stayed blue. We left there and made our way to our accommodation for the night – in Tweed Heads.

A daddy and his little treasure!

Exploring the starfish....but wouldn't touch them even though she was allowed

The underwater viewing platform...

With her buddy Big Bird

Having LOTS of fun!

she loved the truck

After the dolphin show - which was amazing, but Eb was a bit overwhelmed with the noise/crowds ...

On the train that runs around Seaworld

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