Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Things that are happening

While I've got the time I thought I'd update on a few things that have been happening with Ebony. Most are over the last month or so and are really just a record for her and me! Having the internet (off and on) while on holidays has been such a bonus....means I can actually catch up on some things. I just happened to turn the computer on and put the wireless thingy in and voila! it worked.....

2nd May - had an (nother) inch off her hair
4th May - Total excitement about going on a 'holday' to 'Tasmana' on the which she says...'no not a plane Mummy - a little airplane!'
6th May - First word when I woke her at 6.30am to go on 'holday' was 'airplane!' and while we were on the road to Melbourne..for the first time ever she asked to play in the playground at McDonalds
She in now VERY obviously is enjoying the time with just the 3 of us.
11/5 'oooh soft' when touching my face :)
and...counted to 15
11th May - Toilet completely on her own...
18th May - Starting to NOT want me nearby when she goes to the toilet ....
19th May - fell out of bed during the night when I decided not to tuck her in. She was upside down with her head on the floor and legs in the air, but settled almost immediately when I tucked her in.
20th May - 3 years 9 months - 16kg and 100.5cm's
and....she's now finishing of the end of tv ad' 'we put the 'u' in CGU' and she (loudly) says CGU!
and...saying 'Too squishy Mummy, when in the car seat with a jacket on'
and...'I you get please Suixi bear mummy?'
and...'seat-belt on Mummy/Daddy?' when we get in the car
Loves 'Barney' and the 'Dancing Princesses' DVD's
Loves water ... could wash her hands all day if I let her!
Oh! surprise, surprise...she loves getting her own way.
Still hasn't had anything (to drink) other than water or milk (well not from me anyway).
Often asks 'you love Daddy?'
Still ADORES her snuggly - more than ever actually
Has 'Suixi bear, rabbit, red ted, and barney' in bed when she sleeps.
Her favorite books are........"I don't have your eyes", "Shaoey and Dot", "good night me" and the "Feelings" series of books....oh! and "Motherbridge of Love"...which I just happen to love too :)

And the one BIG one for Mummy.....lots and lots of cuddles! Yyyyeeeaaaahhhhh
15th June - first acknowledged McDonalds as somewhere to eat
16th June - first time telling me her tummy was sore!

That'll do for this one!

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Cristina said...

What a sweet, gorgeous girl you are so blessed to have!! Can't wait until our road trip!! Cristina xxx