Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day Two - Goulburn to Sydney

This morning we woke to the most amazing views...and a very, very heavy frost!

I couldn't believe how blessed we were! Eb and I enjoyed bacon and eggs cooked by moi and provided by 'Kate'....

and then we just relaxed for a while before I started to pack and prepare for the journey. Because Kate didn't have anyone else checking in until Saturday she said there was no rush for us to leave.....another BIG bonus!

We packed up the car and then went and paid Kate before we had a little walk around the property. What a beautiful place. Kate has 5 horses (one has blue eyes!) and 100 acres. Enjoy some of the sights...

Then we were ‘on the road again’! Eb was a bit hard to get on with at first in the car – she was probably already ‘over it’. But thankfully we only had to get to Sydney today. I was feeling dangerously tired because sleeping with Eb means I didn’t get a good nights sleep at all…and I hadn’t got to bed until 1am the morning before.
I ended up stopping at Picton where we had some lunch and I stretched my legs and woke myself up.
In Sydney we were staying with new friends Vicki and Daniel and their little girl who is 2 months younger than Eb and was adopted at 2 years. Well, I had no idea the treat I was in for! What a beautiful and wonderful family and such a precious little girl. Although Stephanie is only 2 months younger she is a tiny little dot of a girl. She would be a full ½ head shorter and about 5 kg’s lighter! She is gorgeous. I feel so incredibly blessed on this journey of parenthood. I don’t think my life could have been even as close to as rich as it has been with the addition of the families I have met through adoption. Stephanie actually came from the same Orphanage as Ebony. She is the only little girl other than our ‘Batch’ that I know of that lives in Australia. How amazing that we should finally meet. We arrived about 3.30pm and almost immediately Ebony and Stephanie were happy together. Stephanie is a wonderful sharer and that made our job as parents so much easier. We were able to catch up while the girls played and danced and sung to the Wiggles! Stephanie also has a ‘battery car’ which Eb loved. I’ll have to look out for one of them! We had a lovely evening with yummy food again. Eb had a bath with Stephanie and then we headed off for a much needed sleep!.

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