Friday, June 19, 2009

Days Seven, Eight and Nine - Port Macquarie

Ok - now I know I'm on holidays! The days are sort of blending into one another!
Wednesday I don't think we did much at all. Just relaxed because it was absolutely pouring!
Thursday we decided to head out to the local Koala Hospital but sadly Mum didn't think she could 'traverse' the muddy path so we decided to head back to the indoor playground. Ebony had an absolute ball. Today - Friday we did the same. It's our last full day so I thought it was good to do what Eb loves most. She spent an hour and a half just loving every moment - making little friends and playing...just like a little girl on holidays should do! So, tomorrow it's back on the road again. No idea when I'll be back on line, but at least I'm up to date!

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