Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Days Four, Five and Six....Port Macquarie

Time is going fairly quickly - but we're having a great mix of fun and relaxation (sorry Daddy!).

Saturday was very low key. I had a lovely walk on my own while Nana and Pa enjoyed their grand daughter. I then played play dough with Eb, then we headed to lunch at one of the local clubs. Eb finally got down for a sleep after 2pm and slept for 2 hours. She woke up REALLY badly. I tried to take her for a walk and she cried for about 50 minutes of the hour. It just didn’t go well – as the photo’s will show! Oh well – it’s been a long few days for Eb, so I can’t expect she’ll just be ok all the time!

Sunday we just 'chilled' at home. I went out for a walk while Eb had her sleep, but basically we just had fun at home. Luckily Mum had one of Eb's tutu with her and Eb (just) fits into it still so she paraded and danced for us for ages. Nice, relaxing day really.

Monday we decided to have lunch out again (it's extremely cheap and then we have a light dinner at night). We visited Graham and Jan (very confusing for Eb!) who are dear friends of Mum and Dads and had a lovely afternoon tea with them. Jan was absolutely wonderful with Eb. Graham and Jan had never met Eb although they knew her as if they had! It was lovely to watch them with her.

Tuesday I decided it was time for some fun for Eb so we headed of to an indoor playground. It was such a good idea if I do say so myself! We decided to have lunch there (which was yummy) while Eb played and played and played! After she had a sleep Mum and I headed, with Ebony, to do a Sunset Cruise on the inland waters of Pt Macquarie. It was absolutely beautiful and well worth it!

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