Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Can you believe we're on the road again!?

Yes - you read correctly! Only this is a BIG road trip.

It was planned a long time ago.

We had guests in for the long weekend so I couldn’t head away until the B&B was cleaned and ready – which ended up being the Wednesday. I was exhausted and had done more work in the office and B&B than I imagined possible between arriving home late on Friday night and leaving on Wednesday.

Anyway here we are. We left Mt Beauty at about 11.40am after popping in to see Tanya and Austin (before he becomes a teenager!)……he is only 12 weeks but I feel like we’ve barely seen him. We arrived in Albury at about 12.30 and by the time we did all we had to do – we left Albury at about 2.45pm. I had found a beautiful Cottage at a very, very good rate, just north of Goulburn and really wanted to get there, but when I looked at the time I really didn’t think it would happen. The owner of the cottage was incredibly gracious and said it was fine and if things changed and I thought I could make it just call her. Well, as time passed (and many km’s) I realized I probably could make it! and we did! and I was SO glad we did. This place is amazing. We arrived at about 7.30pm and I was delighted when I walked in the door to this character filled little cottage. It was once Shearers quarters but has been done up now. Very, very comfortable and, just like I try to do, had lots of little ‘extra’s’. I couldn’t believe that ‘Kate’ only charged $88 for the night. What a gem of a find.

The web address is and is well worth the visit if you’re travelling from Melbourne to Sydney and want a night on the road! Sleeps 5.

Here’s my darling girl who was sound asleep by 8.15pm!

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Chelley said...

heheh you are starting to sound like a country song *giggle*

Or are you more like the bigpond ad on tv "I am been everywhere man"