Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Well - the time arrived. I've had so much excited anticipation for this night!
Sadly it didn't quite work out as planned - but all in all it was a special night. The fact that it rained most of the night didn't help but the problem really started when I didn't want to eat in China Town for the second night running. I was happy to have Thai food - but not in China Town. So - we walked.....and walked and walked! We stopped for a few photo's here and there - but just couldn't find the 'right' restaurant. I ended up saying we should go to Southbank and surely we'd find something there. How silly of me! Christmas Eve in Southbank - hugely expensive and filled with groups or couples! Not 4yo friendly at all. I also stupidly thought the food court might be open. As I said - stupid!
After having a bit of a disagreement outside the front of Crown Casino we headed on back into town - tried to catch the City Circle but we were too late and missed the last one. We were going to head out to Harbourtown - but it wasn't meant to be. We headed back to - you guessed it - China Town! where we enjoyed a lovely (and very quiet) Thai meal! After that we headed back into town to Federation Square. We stopped in at the very beautiful 'St Pauls Cathederal' and sat for a short time to listen to the choir - it was very special and very beautiful just sitting there listening and taking a moment in the frantic city of Melbourne. In Federation Square they had Carols on the big screen so we stopped there for a while. The rain (which had been happening most of the night) had stopped so we stayed until it finished and then headed back to the Hotel.
I've tried to work out how far we walked and I'm guessing it would have been about 6km's - I carried Eb on my back from Federation Square to our Hotel in Lt Bourke St (down near Spring St) - so I was pretty exhausted but we were all happy and ready for our special day tomorrow. The day Jesus was born for us and the day He gave us the greatest gift of our lives.....our daughter!

Fun before we headed out...

China Town - right on our doorstep!

It took a bit of convincing but Eb finally took hold of this friendly 'person'...

Taken at Federation Square as they prepared for Carols by Candlelight (well a viewing place)

Views around Melbourne - gosh it has changed a lot since the days when I rowed along the Yarra River!

Right in the heart of Crown Casino they had beautiful Carols happening....

....who loves rice????? I lost count of how many plates she had!

Full tummy - happy girl!

One of the gorgeous trees around Melbourne

Not a particularly good photo - but St Paul's Cathedral

Federation Square listening to the last of Carols by Candlelight.....once again Eb was not too happy about the volume!

Guy Sebastion performing.....

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