Sunday, December 20, 2009

Excitement in the household...

Well, today we are heading off to Avenel to have Christmas Lunch with Graham's Son, Daughter in law and Grand daughter (who is celebrating her very first Christmas!). We'll stay there the night and then go and see Graham's Mum and Dad for Christmas and after that we're on our way to Melbourne where we'll drop the Camper Trailer in to the Doctor then visit friends before we make our way to our friends Michele and Pat where we'll stay for the two nights. We'll take Eb to the Zoo on Tuesday.
Wednesday we are heading into town where we'll stay at The Crossley Hotel in inner Melbourne. We are staying there for 2 nights and will wake there on Christmas morning. I'm so excited about it! We'll take Eb to the Aquarium and to see the lights and sights of Melbourne at Christmas time. We're meeting Ruth and Mei on Wednesday night for some Chinese food too.
Then on Christmas Day we are back to our friends Michele and Pat for Christmas lunch and after that we head off to Lakes Entrance to spend the next 5 nights with my family.
I'm really looking forward to the time off and I know how much Graham needs it! Lots of cricket watching for him I'm sure!

To everyone who visits - may you have a very safe and blessed Christmas and may 2010 hold all your dreams..whatever they may be.

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