Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Kinder and other happenings

Well the decision about Kinder has been made for me. 4yo it is.
Our kinder can't offer 3yo for 1st term next year and 2nd term onwards could be very expensive due to the low numbers. I don't want Eb doing nothing in 1st term, so she'll go to 4yo, but may not go all 3 days. We may just start with 2 days and see how it goes. It's only 3.5hrs per session so really, she should be fine.
At this stage, she'll do 4yo again in 2011 - but that will depend on a number of things and I'll work that all out when the time comes. For now - I just learn to adjust to what's been mapped out for me next year.

Had to share one funny story at least!
When we were camping, we woke one morning and Eb came into bed with us for a while. I asked her if she needed to go to the toilet...her response was 'No thanks Mummy...(pause)...sure (as a question)???'......obviously I say that a lot! it was very, very funny at the time.

She still says 'lello' for yellow
She calls her little friend Faith 'Faif'
She loves porridge for breakfast
She loves praying for all her little China friends...and there are LOTS of them!
She is loving swimming and doing really well (the teacher helps enormously).

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