Friday, December 11, 2009

Goodbye 3yo kinder

As I drove Eb to kinder this morning, I reminisced over the year that has gone way too quickly for my liking. I can't believe it's been so many months since I first left my screaming little girl in the hands of two most wonderful women.
I recognised the 'last' that was happening. The last time I would drive her to 3yo kinder ..... forever. I swallowed back the tears that started to erupt because I had a little girl in the back seat who was struggling with not wanting to go to kinder....still.
I tried to tell her it was the last kinder before 'holidays' but of course she doesn't understand.
I tried to stay, but she was so distressed about me going that she simply wasn't enjoying herself so I decided I just had to go - so there I went again.....leaving her desperately upset and me struggling to come to terms with what is going on.
It was a special day today - the children were putting on a 'concert'. I arrived back just before it started and she was, of course, fine. What troubled me most was that the teacher and aide said she was fine within minutes of me leaving....but one of the other 'Nana's' said Eb had really struggled and just needed her Mummy today. Doesn't give me a lot of confidence for next year let me tell you.

Eb will have a new teacher and I guess I just need to make it clear what I want.

Anyway - the end of another chapter in the life of my darling girl.....and so, soon, starts a new one.

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Chelley said...

OH I am hearing you! It was Arliahs last day of preschool today!! I was a mess!! wish these kdis would stop groqing