Thursday, December 17, 2009

The fright of my life...literally

What a night it has was.
I saw my husband's life flash before my eyes last night.
We put Eb to bed and went out to do some work and mow the lawns.
Gra taught me how to use the ride on mower and I was having a wonderful time.
The Camper Trailer has been parked on the grassed section of our block because the garage has been to full of plumbing supplies pre-Christmas.
We had to move the Camper Trailer so we could mow under it where the grass was growing very strongly!
As I was mowing and heading toward the Camper Trailer I saw that Gra had tried to move it without my help (!) and he was coming toward me shouting for me to get out of the way....he had obviously lost control. I didn't know what to do and basically froze - all I wanted to do was get off the mower and help him but being new to the mower I didn't know (under the circumstances) how to turn everything off.
He and the Camper Trailer came within 3 inches of the brand new mower and I, but luckily missed us and was heading toward the bottom of our drive - which wasn't a bad thing, but then suddenly it diverted and headed down toward the bottom and far more sloped end of the block. I could see Graham was doing everything he could to stop it but it was going to bowl him over if he didn't get out of the way of it - I was terrified and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw him dive away from it and I thought it actually ran over him. I ran down there screaming in absolute fear thinking he would be unconscious/dead - but he got up and together we watched as the Camper Trailer came to a very sudden stop on a tree at the bottom of the block. I was devastated - Graham was angry. I had to make sure Graham was ok and miraculously he was mostly. He was shaken up and ended up with lumps and bumps and bruises and scratches - but thank God he was ok. I went from being incredibly relieved he was ok to devastated about he camper to angry that he had tried to move it on his own. I was really shaky myself - it hadn't been fun to watch.

Mind you - it hadn't been much fun for him either. Our new camper trailer....only used twice and now it has to go off for repairs! Thankfully, the people who made it are a family business and we know without a doubt that it will come back to us every bit as good as it was at first. I emailed them to let them know and the were straight on the phone this morning...just to make sure Graham was ok....special people.

Today I feel like I have been run over by a truck....adrenaline is an amazing thing and I think my body is reacting to all it saw. I have relived what happened for most of the night and every time I do my whole body tenses up. Poor Gra is the same. So we've had little sleep and we're both exhausted. But we are, more than anything, grateful that there are Angels watching over us.

...the track it took. Because Graham tried to avoid me - it sent the trailer down to the big tree at the bottom....luckily could have hit the electrical signs down the bottom and that would have been a whole different story I'm sure....

The tree that coped the brunt of it all....

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