Monday, December 21, 2009

Pat, Mish and Stu's for a few nights

We finally arrived at our destination for the next few nights.
Already it feels like we've done so much and we only left home yesterday!
It was just a lovely feeling arriving and staying with yet another precious family. Mish and I have been friends for over 25 years and we've had our moments, but we are in the 'sunshine' of our lives now. Mish just adores Eb and she feels the same about Mish. Which you'll see by one of the photo's below - it's a very precious photo.

'Good job fella!'

Getting to know Timmy the gorgeous Cocker Spaniel...

Dancing girl...

Love this photo with Mish...

Having breakfast complete with Mish's IPod!

'Gorgeous Stu showing Eb's his 'Music Machine'.....I've known Stu since he was in his Mummy's tummy and he is absolutely delightful!'

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