Sunday, December 06, 2009

My little actress! ....and our 17th wedding anniversary

Today my little girl blew me away.
We had our Church Kidz presentation. Eb hadn't had time to practice because we haven't been around, so I wasn't expecting much at all.
When it was time for the little ones to get up do their thing, Eb did exactly as I expected and she clung to me with her 'Koala cuddle' as I call it. I took her and sat at the front so she could change her mind if she wanted to. Well, can you imagine my surprise when the song finished and the children were heading back to their seats and my little girl waltzes up and says 'my turn'! I expected it to end there, but she took the mic and sung a version of the song. I couldn't believe it and was in so much shock I barely got any video and got one photo! I can't wait to get a copy of the video the Church did so I can really see what she did.
How children can amaze us! That one will be etched in my memory for many, many years to come!
Go my little girl I say!

When it came time to do the item that included all the children, Eb was fine until the stage started to get a bit full....and the man in red appeared....then she wouldn't have bar of staying up there. At least I got some photo's of my little angel...dressed as an Angel! Dark hair looks so beautiful in white! I could have cried :)

Oh...and here's a photo of the joy my little girl shows when we open the draw revealing a little treat for her our version of the 'advent calendar' - she loves this time each day!

Yes - and today we celebrated 17 years of marriage. Time has flown and I find it hard to believe we've been together 17 wonderful years. I love my man and am so grateful for who he is to us. Sadly I couldn't find a photo of just the two of us....seems a little raven haired, dark eyed cherub is more the focus these days!

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