Monday, April 28, 2008

Tagged again!

Thanks heaps Chel!!!!

Now for 3 boring and useless random facts about me.....

1 - I have to wear orthotics in my shoes and I hate them. They stifle my sense of 'style' :)

2 - My absolute favorite pastime is scrapbooking......yet I never seem to get to do any.

3 - I had surgery for a variety of things (mostly my 'plumbing') at least once a year for a period of 15 years! who am I going to tag.....let's see.....





Chelley said...

LOVE scrapbooking!!! But boy doesnt it cost $$$$$

hehe sorry for the tag!! you know I LOVE ya!!!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Ok... but will have to do it later... hope life in OZ is treating you well... hadn't dropped by in a while... want to visit everyone before we go to Vegas on the 9th cause up until then I won't get a chance to 'surf' sites much... take care

Kim said...

Hellooooo! Thanks for checking on us, we are good. Do you maybe have that month bookmarked? Try going to the main page. Stinker and I are doing great! :)