Friday, April 04, 2008

Growing, growing, growing

The changes in Ebony are remarkable. I have the most delightful, happy, funny little girl in my life now. The changes have started to really, really take shape.
Yesterday I put Eb down for her afternoon sleep giggling and then she woke up 2 1/2 hours later...giggling! It is an absolute delight to be with her. I feel so proud, yet it's a funny feeling when you are not the biological parent - I wouldn't even consider taking the credit for who she is becoming. I don't even consider it until someone says something to me. She is just beautiful.
This morning as I fed her her bottle (I ALWAYS hold her) - she grabbed my hand in her little fingers simply because she wants to have that contact... I LOVE IT!
Ebony is also heaps of fun to watch as she sings and dances along to DVD's - she's picking up so many of the words now. She also does 'laps' around the furniture full bore when she particularly loves a song....and she does them full speed of course! I just well up at times when I watch how happy she is and how well she is doing with picking up all kinds of words. She's not into sentences yet - but that will come.

I don't think she's changed much in height....but she's now just over 13kg (and my arms know all about it!). I'm finding it hard to get 2's that fit her - many of the pants seem a bit long and tend to fall of her hips.

As soon as daddy walks in the door at night time - she says 'lay down'...she wants him to do this so she can 'walk' on him. They have a wonderful time playing together when he gets home. She sure knows she can boss him around!

The cleaning teeth episodes are getting a bit easier now thank goodness. We took Eb to the Dentist a few weeks ago and found that her top jaw is definitely small than her bottom jaw which means, at this stage, that she will need to have surgery in her early teens. Not something to look forward to. Other than that her teeth are fine from what the Dentist could see. Ebony wouldn't let her look in her mouth of course! Just a tip for those still to go to the Dentist....if you can, take a long a sibling/friend/relative that is just a bit older so they can go on first and will be able to show how it's done and make your child a bit more relaxed. I wish I'd know before we went as I could easily have taken someone along that would have helped.

Food is becoming a little more of an issue...but that's life with a 2yo! She will still eat most things, but is getting a little more fussy. Thankfully her little body still has plenty of reserve so if she doesn't eat a meal I don't worry (although I have a pet hate wasting food!).

Our girl is still extremely active - people who meet her and here she still sleeps so well know why after they've spent a bit of time with her - she never stops!
People also remark on how she 'invites people into her world' - it's so gorgeous and I can see what they mean. As soon as people are around she wants them to be part of her fun - she will grab them by the hand and drag them where she wants to go. I will have to watch that, but I know as she gets older I will be able to explain. At this point in time it's just gorgeous.

I forgot to mention that we celebrated my birthday in early March and I've included a few photo's from our 'photo shoot'. It was a beautiful day and a wonderful birthday. I was taken out for morning tea...that really ended up as lunch, then my wonderful husband took me out for dinner. I got a slow cooker that I had wanted for ages...and some of the girls put in and bought me a massage voucher which I'm still to use but can't wait to use!

Well, it's starting to turn chilly here now, we've had our first few snow falls on the peaks - the winter clothes are unpacked and the summer clothes are packed away. We seemed to miss Autumn somewhere...but it could still happen! Today looks like being spectacular here - not a cloud in the sky. We are headed off on a holiday for 10 days and we are both very excited....Eb doesn't have a clue! We are heading down to the very SW tip of Victoria so it will most likely be chilly there...but we simply don't care!

Love is truly an amazing thing - it's a gift and a blessing. I watch this little person grow and feel so privileged to have her in my life - to be able to have a glimpse into her world. She is adorable and she's ours! I just watch on in awe and love almost every moment. I savour each change now rather than dreading it.

I've already experienced so many 'firsts' but with those experiences come the 'lasts' too and the sad thing about lasts is that we often don't know when they happen. I watch closely and hope I don't miss it altogether.....what a journey - what a life - what a daughter......

Mummy's birthday

the Suixi girls weekend

water baby

at nana and pa's in Lakes Entrance


Chelley said...

Growing and wow she is just turning into such a pretty little girl!! Mind you she was so cute before but she is going from cute to so beautiful!!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Sounds like your life is coming along nicely and you sound very happy too... hope you have a great day and of course... love all the photos... take care...

Anonymous said...

Ahh I know exactly how you feel. It's beautiful.
Does Ebony turn 3 in August? I am trying to work out the age diff between her and Lily.