Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Day 6 - our friends Tracey, Michael and Jamesen

Well it was another early 6.30am start..tee hee! Daddy decided to go fishing anyway so I would have woken as soon as he got up. Mummy and I just hung out at ‘hoday hme’ until Daddy came home and then we went for another walk. I wasn’t very happy about this! I’ve had enough walking! I got my way and Daddy ended up carrying me to the water at the end of the street where we had some more fun chasing birds and playing games before it started to ‘wain’ so we headed home. Well this time Daddy and Mummy wouldn’t carry me – they wanted me to walk …… so I did my biscuit good and proper! I just stood my ground and waited until they came to get me….but they didn’t!!!! so I had to run to them! crying all the way….Mummy said something about wishing she had managed to capture the look on my face on movie….I don’t see what the joke is!!! After my sleep we headed to Portland to stay with Tracey, Michael and Jamesen – these are the family that have let us stay in their wonderful ‘hoday hme’. I had heaps and heaps of fun – Jamesen is SO much fun to be with – we did lots together (hey and Jamesen is 16!). He played on the trampoline with me and just did stuff with me. Mummy and Daddy thought I’d be exhausted…but I just had lots of fun.

Doing my 'lay back lenny' while watching paysool (playschool)

Me 'n my best Daddy

pee-a-boo Daddy

I love running!

but sometimes I just don't want to walk!

Jamesen is such good fun and he was so good to me!

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Chelley said...

Doesnt the Daddy and Eb make your heart just go all goouy!!!!