Monday, April 07, 2008

Day 4 - the beach

Tracey left about 9.30am and then Eb, Gra and I headed down to the beach. Well – silly me thought we were in for a great photo shoot. Tee hee! We took Eb’s shoes, sox and jeans off so she could run in the water, but unfortunately when Daddy was in charge of Eb he bolted suddenly when the water started coming in fast (didn’t want to get his shoes wet!!!) and frightened Eb and she wasn’t happy from that point on – I tried and tried to get her to have fun in the shallows, but she wouldn’t have it. I think I had one moment where I got a glimpse of a smile as we romped in the water. We gave up in the end as she sat clinging to me while I tried to fight of the swarms of March flies. So much for a fun family outing with great photo’s! I did manage to get a few though! We got Eb home for a much needed sleep.

When Eb woke we donned our coats and walked down to the pier at the end of our street – Eb had an absolute ball running around with gay abandon. We collected kindling on the way back so we could have a fire (that’s what the blue bag’s for!).

Mummy's first breakfast and Ebby's second!

When the beach was still fun!

then the fun was over

Safe in Daddy's arms

Managing to find a smile again

Eb and her Daddy

Eb and her 'blue bag'!

Ebby enjoying Daddy's shoulders (not sure about Daddy though?)

Ebby and Mummy....and the blue bag again!
 call this kindling Daddy??

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