Sunday, April 06, 2008

Day 3 - Nelson at last

We left Bordertown at about 9.30am – Eb had been awake since 5.45am. She wasn’t too happy about getting in the car. We headed straight to Mt Gambier (about 2 hours) and she fell asleep about 15mins short of our destination! so, we had to wake her. It took her a while for her to feel ok – feeding her did the trick. We did a bit of shopping in Mt. Gambier then headed to our final destination – Nelson (in the very SW corner of Victoria). We were so thrilled when we arrived – the house we’d call home for the next 7 nights was gorgeous – we had distance views of where the Glenelg River meets the ocean and it was so peaceful and tranquil. The owners greeted us. We know Tracey through the adoption process – she and her husband Michael are waiting, waiting, waiting. They are n-next (that’s what I call it) ‘cause there is 1 batch to be allocated in Victoria before them. Tracey made us dinner and we were delighted that Michael could stay too so we had the chance to get to know him better. Tracey had been to stay with us for 3 days back in September 07 and that was when we really got to know her better and she invited us to stay here at Nelson. We feel SO blessed. We’re grateful the travelling is over for now and it’s time to just relax and enjoy our week. Tracey stayed the night with us and we’ll see her, Michael and their son Jameson on Wednesday night.

Now THIS makes shopping fun! (Mt. Gambier)

I love my portable high chair!

Eb making herself at 'home' with a beautiful sunset in the background

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