Tuesday, December 09, 2008

3 year old kinder orientation morning

I couldn't believe it. The time has come - but for now I'm not really ready. I actually hoped she wouldn't get in for some reason - but she did. So next year is 3 year old Kindy. She will, at this stage, do 2 years of 3 year old - but I am keeping an open mind.
I spent the hour wandering around after Eb - still in complete disbelief that we had come this far already. Looking at the photo's, I can't believe what a big girl Ebony has become. How did it happen? right before my eyes.

Unfortunately the morning was cut just a little short because, in her excitement, we had a little wetting accident! first time in ages - but very understandable. Because it's happening so rarely though, I didn't have a change with me!!! Silly Mummy.

This profile is somewhat how I was feeling I think...saying goodbye to my baby

Then it was in for some fun moments....

Again - a back profile - I'm amazed I took so many from the back

then just a photo with the beautiful lake in the background.....the Kinder is in such a wonderful and beautiful setting...

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