Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Birds and tears

I woke up this morning and heard some really strange noises - got up and ended up deciding it was just birds on the flue of our Coonara style heater (outside).
Then, at about 8am Eb was playing in the lounge area when all of a sudden the noise started up again and Eb came screaming to me. I was a bit confused myself and went to check things out only to find that it was a bird BUT it was INSIDE the heater! This is the first time this has happened and Ebony was so totally terrified I couldn't do a thing. I was meant to be going to work and I just couldn't get her to let go of me - she was actually pinching me in fear. As you'll see from the photo's it was a harmless blackbird and we managed to get it out safely (well Daddy did!). I had to phone Graham and ask him to come home so I could get ready for work! Luckily he was able to. Ebony didn't feel any better at all seeing it safely in Daddy's hands though and often in the last couple of days as she walks (with trepidation) past the heater she says 'no birdy'.....'birdy gone'....'birdy free'.

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Chelley said...

Awww and what does this mummy do when she waits for her MAN to come save the day??????????

Takes photos for her blog!!