Monday, December 08, 2008

Whoever is this 'Santa' bloke?????

Well - this year is certainly different to last year! The first photo shows Eb before we left home - happy and absolutely full of life. Looking forward to seeing the man they call Santa.....but only because she'd seen him on TV or papers etc. The real thing was all too scary I'm afraid.
We got to Myer in Albury and made our way there - as soon as she saw him the nails started to dig in (ouch!)....then we managed to get her to sit kinda near him but the screaming started!. The girls who take the photo's at Myer were able to pacify her a little and we managed to get a photo at a 'somewhat' lucid moment. As you can see she was still far from happy. I've also included last years photo's for a comparison. I must say it was lovely having Daddy there this year too.

Happy girl...before we left

Not so happy girl!

last year :)

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