Saturday, December 20, 2008

Then it was a very busy day and a half of visiting before heading home....

Gosh we packed a lot in after we left Kyneton!
Kate and Eliza picked us up and we stayed with them for the night. The girls really picked up from where they left of a few days ago and just had lots of fun together.....

Then we left there on Friday morning and made our way to our friends Phil and Tracey in Bayswater. Ella, their daughter, was home and she was so wonderful with Eb. It was lovely to catch up but even lovelier to see how this family, who are so dear to us, interact with our daughter.

Then it was off to Graham's son Daniel and his wife Bron's place to celebrate Christmas with them. We stayed the night and had an absolutely lovely meal prepared by Bron and enjoyed with them and our Nephew Brad, his partner Kirsty and their son Will. Both Bron and Kirsty are pregnant at the moment - so it was a quiet night. Eb was absolutely exhausted from all the traveling and all the people - but she did ok really. Next morning she was back running on all eight cylinders and enjoyed a dance with Bron (who was feeling quite 'morning sick' at the time!). Well done Bronnie!

Then it was off to Graham's Dad & Mum's for another Christmas celebration. We had a lovely lunch with them and they loved having her around for a few hours.

We made it back on the road and home by about 7pm. I have the Children's Family Day Service to put together for tomorrow - so it's bye for now!

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