Sunday, December 07, 2008

Time for an update

I thought it was time to update some of Eb's 'antics'.

She is saying a few things that are quite hysterical to us.....

'Wilk' is look - we have no idea how that has happened but it is SO funny - especially as it seems to be her most used word at the moment!

'Seatbelk' - another really funny one - and one she says everytime we get in the car. She will actually say 'Seatbelk peese, peese Daddy/Mummy'.

The 'peese, peese' is very cute too - she often says it twice - not always, but when she does it sounds so cute!

'Happy' is VERY pronounced.

'It's a nice day'

'Yappies' which is her version of Nappies!....not that they are very necessary these days!

Sadly she's been saying 'Mummy tired' a lot too! that says something!

Today when I got in the car she said 'I'm hot'! - now that's a first too!

Some words she is finding it a bit difficult to get her tongue around and it's quite obvious. I have just cried laughing as I've watching the following video. Everything she is saying isn't as I've written above....of course that doesn't happen when you want it to...but it's hysterical anyway!

Some other facts....Ebony is now 98cm's...that's 3cm's since she turned 3 (only 3 months ago!). No wonder people are saying she's grown so much. I honestly thought it was only because she was no longer wearing nappies.

Talking of nappies - we've now had 10 nights of which only 2 have been wet! Can you believe it? I can barely. I haven't pushed it at's just happened. Mind you I wouldn't even attempt to put her to bed without a nappy! (or in the cot should I say! yep! still in the cot!)

Well - here's a funny video.....of course when you want them to say their 'funny' words - they don't!!!!!

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Mendy said...

she is such a cutie! Joleigh was watching it with me and was repeating after Ebony, with her version of Australian accent. Too funny!