Wednesday, December 24, 2008

'Twas the night before Christmas

Well it's now Christmas Eve. My Mum and Dad arrived on the 22nd and my big brother Terry arrived yesterday.

Eb with Pa John

Eb with Uncle Tez

We've had quite a bit of fun together and the joy of Christmas has been very, very evident this year for me. It's been a very special lead up with a little girl who is becoming so much more aware of 'Santa' and 'presents'.
She's also very aware that tomorrow is 'Jesus birthday'. She's excited about that too - but obviously more because it's a birthday! I feel very proud of her :)

I will do a special post on Eb's love of 'Dance and Learn with Mei Mei' when I get a really good video of it - but in the mean time watch this and see how easily these children can 'rote' learn Children...or at least ours!

Today we went to the Nursing Home to spread a little cheer to the older folks in there. Eb was so good handing out beautiful bookmarks my Mum had made with a picture of Eb or Eb and I on them and a 'Jesus is the reason for the season' on the back. The dear old folk didn't know what to do in some cases - but it was the joy of watching Eb run from one person to the other that I loved most.

Then Eb had a sleep while I did lots of cooking and after she woke we went to work to make the 'Gingerbread house'. Eb loved it and her delight is evident on her face you'll see!

Another tradition I started last year was getting Eb up to watch the carols on Television. I waited until 9.30 to wake her and she lay peacefully on my lap for the next 1 1/4 hours while we watched. It was very special and a tradition I'd love to keep going....although this year the end result was a bit different. I'll leave that for the Christmas Day post though :)

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Susan said...

I love the picture on the top of you page! Cute video. I need to get that one. I hope you had a great Christmas!
Susan and Anna- USA