Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The aftermath!

I'm so overdue for an update!....here they come, one by one in date order!

Well, another Christmas has been and gone - and this time it went WAY too fast. I'm a real lover of Christmas - not only because it's the time I celebrate the birth of my Lord and Savior - but because it's all about family and children. For many, many years one aspect of that sentence was absent from my life - but now it's here in the form of my little princess. I'm really sad it all went so fast. I think I let myself just get way too busy and I must be sure to change that next year!

We had a lovely time with family - my brother, sister-in-law and their two gorgeous girls arrived on Friday 26th and left on Tuesday 30th. Mum and Dad and Tez my brother left on Monday 29th. Here's some photo's of our fun times!

Ebby doing 'buttons' with Nana

Ebby and Lizzie after a ride on the deck

Georgeous Beccy and beautiful Lizzie

Three beautiful cousins together

and at the same time singing 'abc' together :)

Eb and Lizzie having more fun times....

Our family at the river....with my brother in the purple

My little princess....

Water fun....

Ebby and Beccy

Pa, Nana and some of the grandchildren

and then Uncle Tez with some of his nieces

and then another of Bec and Eb

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Chelley said...

Does Eb get any cuter?????????????