Thursday, December 25, 2008

Then THE day arrived!

How much could go wrong I wondered? We had such a lovely time watching carols, although Daddy went to bed at about 10 because he was exhausted. Then, everyone else decided to do the same and left Eb and I to watch the last 2 songs. When it was all over I went to put Eb to bed (she had been totally relaxed watching carols) and she decided she didn't want to go to her cot - she wanted to go to bed with Daddy. I said no because I knew I had her big present to put together and wrap. I put her into her cot crying and went about putting her present together. Her present was a plastic car (one of the tiny tikes ones). It said all you needed was a screwdriver and I sure had one of those. Do you think it would work..............NO! I was getting totally frustrated and trying to make enough frustrated noises to wake my no avail. Eb was crying louder so I just had to go in there and she must have been crying the whole time but I didn't know so I went in to a totally distraught child who was in a lather of sweat and doing those horrible uncontrollable sobs. I had to go and turn all the lights out and then put her in bed beside her asleep Daddy. I asked her to stay there and that I'd be in soon. She was much more settled by the time I left her and I was only only a door away. I spent another hour or just over trying to get Eb's present ready (and calling our friends in Cambodia) but in the end I just had to pack it in the pantry and go to bed.....planning to gently put Eb back in hers. Well - I walked in the door to a wide awake daughter. She'd been awake for 3 hours at this time. I just had to leave her in with us and her and I joined Daddy in his slumber.

I woke at 5am wondering how I was going to get Eb back to bed and Gra awake to put the blinking car together! It was all starting to look far, far different to the wonderful picture I had in my mind :)
Thankfully, I was (somehow!) able to move Eb back to bed without waking her. I stayed awake and ended up doing some work on the computer until Daddy woke up at which time I filled him in on what had happened (he slept through the whole lot!). He got up and went out to the car to get some tools needed to put the car together but.....he couldn't find his car keys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We looked everywhere. I had to sneak into Mum and Dad's room (Dad was out walking) and look around in there - then I had to wake my brother to make sure he didn't have them by accident. Alas - no keys. We finally prayed that my Dad had picked them up accidently.
So - there we were - present not together - keys missing and thankfully Ebony still asleep.
Daddy decided to use force rather than tools and did manage to get the car together - I was so relieved - things were starting to look up. Dad arrived home and he didn't have the keys - but was able to make a suggestion that ended up with Graham finding them.
Eb then decided to sleep .... and sleep......and sleep.....and sleep! We had to be at Church at 10am so, after all that, we had to get her up and let her know that yes Santa had been, but we'd have to leave opening of presents until after Church. Thankfully she's young enough NOT to understand and she was happy!

I was exhausted and it was only 9.30am :)

More to come .......................... later

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