Wednesday, May 06, 2009

94 and almost 4

Funny heading I know - but that my "Mema" (Nana) and my daughter. - Almost 90 years apart in age. Wow.
We are heading off on holidays today (more to follow....) and decided it was a great opportunity to visit with my 'Mema' and I'm so very glad we did. We don't get to see her very often these days and she really is such a special lady. She's living in a Nursing Home now (and loving it) but she is really 'slipping' .... which you expect at 94! She has always been so active and she survived a horrible head on accident a number of years back (within 5) so she's pretty darn amazing!
She was so thrilled and so was I - enjoy some photo's of these two darling people in my life.

and 3 generations (less my Mum) together....

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