Friday, May 29, 2009

So, how is kinder going you ask???

Well, we've finally had breakthrough!

There have been 2 weeks now where I haven't been working on a Friday.

The very first week I was asked to stay for the morning. I took Eb to kinder and then went for my walk because I honestly thought it was too early for me to stay a full morning. I told Ebony I was coming back, but didn't make any comment on when. She was a little distressed, but not too bad really. My concern was that she would start to expect me to stay every week if I stayed right from the beginning. It worked out to be a great morning. When I cam back I just observed her for a while and she seems to be coping really well. I then joined in some of her activities and I also helped out in the background. I really enjoyed the morning and loved seeing how well she played and enjoyed herself.
The second week I left her for the first time with a smile and wave! She was happy for me to go.
Although I walked away recognising that a new journey of independence was beginning and recognizing that it was one of those 'lasts'. That brings a tinge of sadness with it. The acknowledgment that Eb is now 'happy' without me. Yes - it is very healthy I know - I'm just being honest about how I was feeling. It's a great thing. I was able to head home and get some work done. I counted the time until I went back to get Eb, but I coped!. I think the other breakthrough this time was that she was basically happy to talk about Lou and Myka and, in her way, she was looking forward to going. It's taken 1.5 terms....but we've go there. Sadly we now have about 6 weeks away with a trip to Melbourne, then a 2.5 week break up to visit Nana and Pa and then school holidays. Hopefully she'll be fine when we return!

Here's some photo's .....

This one is actually taken at home....but I love it!

It was 'fairy day' at Kinder so I was finally able to dress Eb in her Fairy Dress. I've made the decision to keep Eb's hair tied back on Kinder days because of head lice - not my favorite look - but who cares!

How happy!

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