Monday, May 11, 2009

Tasmania Day 5

11th May
Off to Freycinet National Park .... Yay! I've been really looking forward to this day. We (finally) left at about 11am and headed into town to get something very special for Anita - then we stopped at a leather place and I bought a pair of shoes and boots (so beauitful and yet so well priced). Then we had lunch in Ross before heading, via two wineries, to Freycinet.
We paid what I would call 'top dollar' for our accommodation this night, and I sadly had high expectations. I was seriously disappointed. The rooms are 'nice', but it is such a beautiful location we don't have even the slighted view. Very, VERY misrepresented on their website I have to say. I was sure to still be very grateful for a night in a very comfortable bed in a 'nice' clean place. Don't get me wrong - it is a nice place, but when I consider their price per night is the same as my B&B, my guests are in heaven in comparison!
We went out to the cheaper version of dinner at Freycinet Lodge, but sadly Eb got something in her eye and it kinda made a mess of the night....especially for her! We had to head back to our room very early and here we sit with no TV at 7pm! Well, there is something to be said for no TV isn't there!!!!!!

Winery crawling....with a lipstick stop :)

What else is there for a little girl to do in a Lodge with no TV? watch a DVD!

The Lodge eating area in twilight

Very, very spectacular by day or night

Mummy and daughter

Any chance of playing on a keyboard and Eb will be there...even though she doesn't get to at home....or is it BECAUSE she doesn't get to do it at home???

One very sore eye at dinner time

Big girl bed

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