Saturday, May 02, 2009

Guests #4 and a fun family day

Well - while we were out to dinner at Myrtleford I received a call about accommodation for the weekend. I was thrilled! I ended up turning away 3 others. We didn't realise there was a big Downhill bike event this weekend. We were very lucky to get a 2 night booking too. A lovely young couple who arrived late Friday and left straight after the event on Sunday. This B&B is such easy work now it's set up!

Saturday morning the 3 of us headed into 'town' for a walk around the market - morning tea and a haircut for Eb. It looks so much better now. Shorter just seems to keep her looking a bit younger I think! She hadn't sat in the hairdressers chair for almost a year so it was well overdue. She was so good!

Then we headed off to watch the downhill bike event for a while. It was fun just being out and about in the community as a family.

Little girls first ever 'hamburger'...and she loved it - of course!

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