Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tasmania Day 4 - Mothers Day!

What a special day Mothers Day is! and always will be. Today I woke to a gorgeous card from my sweet husband and amazing daughter. Then I had breakfast prepared for me by the children of our hosts...what a treat! Yummy eggs on toast. How special.
We were going to go to Church, but decided it would probably not go well with Ebony anyway, so we headed off to one of the local markets instead (where Eb had a ball on a jumping castle - I've never seen her play independently with strangers like she did). It was a fun morning and I managed to find a new (well new to me) leather handbag - nice and small - and I got a change of clothes for Eb's favourite 'Gabi' doll.
We had lunch out then went to a leather place and then on to a glass place where I bought some beautiful jewelery - something I don't often do because I'm not much of a jewelery person really - but this is quite special - for me anyway!
We got home in time to unpack from the day and repack the car to head an hour north to visit my dear 'blogging' friend Cristina and her family.....which includes the delightful Alice who is 2 years 4 months old and was adopted when she was only 9 months old...and is a tiny little dot of a girl...and full of spunk! This was the greatest treat of my Mother's Day. To have never met this family in person so it was particularly special to be enjoying a yummy meal with them while our daughter had SO much fun. Watching her play that evening was the greatest joy of all for me. Cristina and her husband Duncan were every bit as warm and welcoming as Cristina's blog represented and their other two beautiful children - Beth and Liam - were amazing too! Ebony fell in love with Liam particularly (probably because he took so much time with her) and he, Ebony and Alice ran around like the beautiful children they are. I have NEVER seen Eb so hot from running around so much! We had never met this family in person, and here we were enjoying a meal and a delightful evening with them. Both Gra and I felt we could have stayed for hours to really get to know this delightful family - a few grabbed hours just wasn't enough! I can't thank them enough for welcoming us into their home. Now they will live in our hearts and we hope very much to come back and see them before too long.

Having lots of fun on the jumping castle...

taken where we had lunch

Alice and Eb at play

and having LOTS of fun

The divine Miss A

Reading together

Eb and Liam saying goodbye

Beautiful big hugs

and a last dance together

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Cristina said...

Aw shucks Jen - you have made me blush!! We LOVED having you around and it was just so very special to finally meet you 'for real'!! Alice is still talking about 'Eb-nee' and we are both very much looking forward to our big road trip in September. God bless you and your precious family, Cristina xxxxx