Friday, May 29, 2009

Me....and my girl

Today was a day I don't think I will ever forget.
I have been feeling like we have really begun a breakthrough in the attachment realm.
Today - after 2 years, 5 month and 4 days my darling little girl said 'I love you Mummy' after I said I loved her. We were laying in bed this morning having a bit of time together when I just hugged her and told her I loved her. I was reduced to tears when she put her little hand on my face and responded with her 'I love you Mummy'. Wow - what a feeling.
It's been quite an emotional day. She went off to kinder like an absolute trooper - she was delightful and happy to stay without me. I walked on my own again and just relished in this long sought feeling of total contentment that my little girl is really, REALLY starting to recognise what love could be.
She's been amazing all day. She woke very, very early this morning, so by the time we got home from Kinder and then visiting Tania and little Austin she was over it so I decided to put her to bed even though it was 1.45. She slept until 4.45 and woke up so beautifully. A couple of times she just came running to me for a hug and then she just sat in my lap while I rubbed her back while I watched 'Better Homes and Gardens'. It was truly an amazing and wonderful day!

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Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Awesomely, awesome... just the words 'I love you' are so incredibly powerful... I remember when my niece use to say that to me.. oh... it made tears spring to my eyes... now, 3 nephews/3 nieces later when I talk to them and they tell me that they love and miss me... I want to cry...
I am SO jealous that you are in Port Macquarie... on your way back and you pass Newcastle and Toronto... give them a huge hello for me... I am so ready to head back home... take care and sorry I haven't been around of late... getting close to our referral I find myself being busier...