Friday, May 01, 2009

Kinder update

Well, we're two weeks into second term.
Often during the holidays if we were heading into town Ebony would say 'no kinder'. This has happened often.
The first week back was similar to how it had been - tear, tears and screaming as we walked into the kinder. I don't know why, but I have persisted. I've felt that it will be worth it in the long run.
I've now given away my cleaning job - thankfully - so I could, realistically take her out - but I've felt there has been steps forward...and so does Lou the Kinder teacher.
It's still be very hard leaving - but I've been assured that Eb settles not long after leaving.
Today I felt there was change. I was making her lunch (on the sly) and couldn't believe it when she said from across the room 'no kinder'. She knew! I said not to think about it yet and she started to cry. This went on at various stages throughout the morning. She was still upset in the car on the way there and then I said I would take her out for a Chai Latte (her favorite) after kinder. That didn't even help! Anyway we walked into kinder and there was no tears - a bit of a sad voice but no tears. Then I found out that Lou was sick and my heart sank. Oh dear! what would this mean? Well - Myka the helper (who Eb hadn't taken too at this stage) came up to me and I said to Eb - why don't you go with Myka and meet Kath (the relieving teacher)....and she went! Then I went and all was well. What a breakthrough! I was so, so glad for Eb and she was happy as usual when I picked her up. I actually think it was a very good thing for Ebony and Myka's relationship!

Here's a couple of photo's from today - nothing to do with kinder - just fun photo's!

How funny is this child!? singing and reading with a plastic box on her head :)

Down on the grassy part of our block with her snugly and Patty her doll

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Christine said...

Ebony is just precious!