Thursday, May 07, 2009

Tasmania here we are!

Yay! time has come for a family holiday. I've been so excited anticipating this holiday and now it's here!

Day one and two....

We left home after waking Eb up at about 6.30am. She coped really well. We headed to Glenrowan where we had a McDonalds breakfast. From there we visited my 'Mema' - (see previous post) then went to the Caravan and Camping Show at Caulfield and spent most of the 2 hours running around getting our silly 'prize card' stamped so that we could go in a draw to win a caravan! A bit of fun but very time consuming. We actually did have a look at Camper Trailers, but really all it did was help Graham decide he had already made the right decision on which one to buy!

I think the most amazing thing that happened while we were there was when Ebony decided she would run off (in fun of course) and although I secretly followed her, I was stunned to see that she kept going and going and going! She even looked back a few times but just didn't seem concerned. I got to the point where I was scared because she was almost out of sight and there were literally thousands of people there - so I had to 'retrieve' here. I'm still stunned that this little girl who hates me leaving her side would be so confident all of a sudden.

We then headed out to the airport and we were on the plane and on our way before we knew it! We met a Chinese couple with a cute 2yo while we were waiting to check in and their little girls was really gorgeous and they were a lovely couple who tried and tried to talk to Eb in Chinese until it became very obvious that she just didnt' understand!

Eb loved the flight, which was very smooth. She watched a DVD for the whole 45mins or whatever it is that were were in the air! We arrived in Launceston and our friend Anita was there to meet us. We headed out to their place where we 'checked in' and made ourselves at home in our little 'granny flat' in their shed. We were very comfortable and it was great. We chatted for a while, had some dinner and a lovely glass of wine. Eb went to sleep like a champion. I couldn't believe it. She opted for the port cot and still slept like a lamb.


Today we went for an early walk around the Gorge in Launceston. It was so beautiful and a lovely way to start our holiday. The weather was perfect. We had to wait for Ewan (Anita's husband) to do a few plumbing jobs (boy could I relate!) - so we didn't get on the road until after lunchtime. We travelled to Cradle Mountain via the Cheese Factory (yum!). By the time we arrived at Cradle Mountain it was dark unfortunately. We had a bit of trouble because the key to our cabin wasn't where it was meant to be! After a bit of driving around (with Eb on my knee watching all the wildlife in the headlights!)....(it was safe it's ok! and no I wasn't driving :) we were finally in our cabin, which was very basic but oh so cosy! It was great and a real treat. We then headed straight back down to dinner at the Cradle Mountain Lodge. It has so much atmosphere! Eb had a wonderful time there and coped so well without a day sleep and a late night. We came back the cabin and she went straight to sleep. The toilet/shower block is about 200m from our cabin and that meant that I had NO intention of going out in the middle of the nights (well come on...there could be a boogie monster out there!). Sadly I broke that promise to myself at about 3 in the morning when my bladder go the better of me! I coped and not boogie man appeared. Here are some photo's from today....

Eb and Mummy at The Gorge Launceston

Daddy, Eb and Mummy

How beautiful is this gorge???

Daddy and Eb running on the swing bridge

Run, run, run - doing what she loves! (usually giggling at the same time!)

same if she's at a playground!

...or singing as she loves to do!

Then it was Cradle Mountain Lodge for dinner...

....and sound beautiful sleep.....

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Looks like LOADS of fun!