Saturday, May 09, 2009

Tasmania Day 3

9th May

Hobart - beautiful I have to say! We went straight to the Salamanca Markets and bought some lovely things there. Then we went and had lunch at 'Machine' - a cafe attached to a Laundromat...what a great idea!
Then it poured!
Didn't matter - we just headed slowly back to Launceston. Went through a few of the older towns - and I mean older! - the history here is nothing short of amazing and Ewan and Anita are so well versed - they were great to listen to.
Got back to launceston and then unpacked, enjoyed dinner with the family and headed off to bed.

Dancing to playschool in our room at Hobart

View from our room

Our room

Salamanca Market in Hobart

Don't know why - but I love this photo....

At 'Machine' - how cute is the way she lines up and sets up her lunch! (interesting menu!)

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